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View Purchased hugggs


GET /api/v2/hugggs/sent/

This endpoint returns a list of hugggs which have been sent (ie purchased) by the current logged in user.


Embedded Entities

The endpoint supports embedding related entities - for a detailed overview of how this works, please read API Overview.

Relation Entity Description
message Message An entity containing the message attached to a huggg
redeemed Redemption If the huggg has been redeemed, this is an entity which describes the details of the redemption
voucher Voucher Sometimes huggg's have a voucher associated with them for redemption
voucher.segment ProductSegment Details about the generic group the huggg's voucher is part of
purchase Product The item that this huggg is for
purchase.brand Brand The brand associated with this huggg's purchase
purchase.segments ProductSegment Any generic groupings associated with the huggg's purchase
purchase.brand.stores Store All locations served by the the huggg's purchase's brand
purchase.brand.integration Integration Details about the huggg's purchase's brand's main integration method with huggg


Get sent hugggs

GET /api/v2/hugggs/sent

    "data": [
        {"id": "a_huggg_id", ...},
        {"id": "another_huggg_id", ...}