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Map Tiles


GET /api/v2/tiles/{tileA}:{tileB}

An endpoint which returns an array of Tiles, based on the form of URL that was given.

Each tile contains either an array of pins, which are either Stores or Clusters of Stores if clustering is enabled (by passing the granularity URL param).

Query Parameters

Key Value Description
platform String Either app or imessage. Defaults to app if not given

Tile Querying

The tile section of the URL can is area given by tile:tile, given in the form: x,y, where x,y are longitude and latitude. In this case the API will calculate which tiles cover that region and will send those back. To ensure the API interprets a longitude latitude pair correctly, make sure they always include a decimal place.


Fetching multiple tiles by longitude and latitude

In this example we'll query for the tiles between (51.234, 52.343) and (51.3442, 53.53534).

GET /api/v2/tiles/51.234,52.343:51.3442,53.53534
    "data": [
            "pins": [
                {"id": "xxx", ...},
                {"id": "yyy", ...}