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Product Properties


Scalar properties will always be included in a response, unless otherwise specified.

Generic Properties


Key Name: id

Example: "f204ed28-b230-4d0a-8c63-48e65a070f35"

A globally unique identifier for the huggg in GUID format.

Sender ID

Key Name: sender_id

Example: "f204ed28-b230-4d0a-8c63-48e65a070f35"

A globally unique user identifier for the sender of the huggg in GUID format.

Receiver ID

Key Name: receiver_id

Example: "f204ed28-b230-4d0a-8c63-48e65a070f35"

A globally unique user identifier for the recipient of the huggg in GUID format.

Created At

Key Name: created_at

Example: "yesterday"

This is a different expression of this property than is to be expected elsewhere

A string representing when the huggg was sent relative to today.

Updated At

Key Name: updated_at

Example: "2018-11-05 17:16:14"

A time stamp represented when the huggg was last updated. Note: The definition of "updated" is quite broad.

Purchase ID

Key Name: purchase_id

Example: "f204ed28-b230-4d0a-8c63-48e65a070f35"

A globally unique identifier for the Product this huggg is for.


Key Name: status

Example: 0 (Downloaded) or 5 (Sent)

An integer value representing the current status of the huggg. We are largely moving away from relying on this integer status flag in favour of individual flags and data-based checks. (For instance, redeemed hugggs are one's with a redemption. Expired hugggs are ones with an expiry in the past.)

Generally codes 0, 1 and 5 are used consistently. However, a better check for 5 (sent) would simply be, is there a receiver ID attached?

This list is non-binding and should be considered legacy

potential values

  • 0: Downloaded
  • 1: Redeeemed
  • 5: Sent
  • 6: SMS Reminder sent
  • 7: SMS 7 days Reminder sent
  • 8: Unclaimed or SMS 12 days Reminder sent
  • 9: SMS 23 Days Reminder sent
  • 10: SMS 11 Month Reminder sent
  • 11: Sent
  • 12: Unsent


Key Name code

Example: "32358028937698"

If supplied this is a voucher code used to redeem the huggg. The presence of this code will depend on both the type of huggg and the stage in the hugggs lifecycle. For example cinema hugggs which require a code specific to location / segment will not present a code until the voucher has been activated, whereas EagleEye hugggs may present from purchase.

If supplied this should typically be made available to the user as a QR code.

Expiry Date

Key Name expiry_date

Example: "2019-04-04"

The date on which this huggg expires.


Key Name shortcode

Example: "z6xPIefA1gKvsxR"

This is the code used to uniquely identify the huggg when sending share links. These links should be formatted according to the guidelines documented in universal links or deep links