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Product Tag Properties


Scalar properties will always be included in a response, unless otherwise specified.

Generic Properties


Key Name: id

Example: "03f3669b-0aef-4a4b-a33c-e3ea3e1a35dc"

A globally unique identifier for the Product. In most circumstances, this will be a GUID.


Key Name: name

Example: "Hot Drinks"

The name of the Product Tag.

Image Url

Key Name: image_url

Example: ""

A fully qualified link for the image of the Search Tag for the UI.


Key Name: type

Example: Category or Occasion

The type of Product Tag, either category or occasion.

Key Name: featured

Example: 1 (true) or 0 (false)

An integer (1 or 0) representing if this Product Tag is featured.


Key Name: products

Example "products": ["03e3669b-0aef-4e2b-a63c-a8ebd32d35cc"]

Globally unique identifiers of the products.