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Transaction Properties


Scalar properties will always be included in a response, unless otherwise specified.

Generic Properties


Key Name: id

Example: "b1b04370-610c-4261-b547-75952566d77c"

A globally unique identifier for the transaction. This will be a GUID.

Created At

Key Name: created_at

Example: "2018-11-20 16:45:13"

A time stamp representing when the transaction was created.

Updated At

Key Name: updated_at

Example: "2018-11-20 17:35:10"

A time stamp represented when the product was last updated in the CMS.


Key Name: retail

Example "20.00"

Total price of the transaction.


Key Name: status

Example "successful"

Status of the transaction. Current statuses are: Successful and Failed.


Key Name: hugggs

Example "hugggs": ["7b05b33b-cb34-4f58-9dbf-e8d5afe01bc1"]

Globally unique identifiers of the newly created hugggs.

Purchased At Date

Key Name: purchased_at_date

Example: "2018-11-20"

Date of the transaction.

Purchased At Time

Key Name: purchased_at_time

Example: "16:45:13"

Time of the transaction.