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Below are our recommendations for displaying maps of huggg redemption locations, according to user research and feedback within the huggg apps.

Shopping for Products via a Map

When designing for shoppability, there are two recommended ways by which to connect a map to huggg products:

  • Only displaying products that are relevant to the map's current visible area, with the product list refreshing as the map is moved. We have found that users find this to be the most natural way to shop via map.
  • Displaying all products. This is most appropriate when a single product is relevant, or when the map is filtered for a single brand. Anything beyond this can tend to be confusing.

When searching by location, performing the search recenters the map on the location, at a 1-mile radius.

Map Interactions

When tapping a pin, the user anticipates that the map will center on the pin, and details about the pin location will be shown. Tapping off of the pin would close this detail.

When appropriate, maps have a "back to me" shortcut button, if the app has permission to locate the user. This centers the map on the user's current location, at a 1-mile radius.

huggg Examples

Below are some examples of this functionality within the huggg apps. Note that not all info and functionality shown below may be made available to external parties and clients.